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Causes of erectile dysfunction and methods of its treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that causes a man to suffer a complete lack of erection. As a result of this disease, a man is not able to perform a full sexual act. Until a few years ago, the most common cause of impotence was the inevitable age-related changes caused by the aging process. However, today this disease is often found at a young age. As a rule, the cause of such a problem in the age of 50 years is the wrong way of life. Drug use, alcohol abuse, and smoking all contribute to the challenge of impotence.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

The results of the clinical trials, shown on the site, show that in most cases erectile dysfunction is a consequence of physical diseases. Impotence can develop against the backdrop of diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis or elevated AD. Among other diseases that cause inability to have a normal sexual life, it is possible to note diseases:

  • thyroid gland;
  • Liver;
  • Kidney.

Another common cause of impotence is a psychological problem. Depression, stress and nervous overstrains also negatively affect the quality of sexual life.

What to do when impotence occurs?

The first thing any man faced to do with erectile dysfunction is to appeal to a profile specialist. If the sexual act is planned in the near future, and there is no possibility to address to the doctor-urologist, in this case the effective variant will be reception of inhibitor PDE-5.

An example of such a tool is sildenafil. This product is an active substance of Viagra tablets. The effect of sildenafil is to expand the blood vessels of the genitals at the onset of sexual arousal. Due to this, the penis increases blood flow, which contributes to the onset of persistent erection.

Drugs such as buy viagra online should be taken exclusively before the alleged sexual act. Experts recommend to take one pill for 30-45 minutes to coitus. The duration of the drug can reach 6 hours.

By choosing this method of treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is very important not to overdo it with the dosage. The recommended daily dose of Viagra is 100 mg. An overdose of this tool can cause side effects.

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